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Tracking Down Sewer Smells With Smoke Testing

sewer smell job smedley plumbing

We’ve just shown up out here at a local car dealer here in town that’s going through some remodel. They’ve had a concern of sewer odors in their system. We’re going to learn exactly what the cause of the sewer smell is. Read more…

A Smedley Plumber standing in front of a white board that has text that asks "Does Root Killer Work?".

Hey everybody, Mitch with Smedley Plumbing here, and today’s question of the month in our little video series here is going to be, does root killer work? We get this question quite a bit as we’re augering sewer lines. It’s kind of a loaded question Read more…

main water service line repairs

Join us as we repair a leaking main water service line. This customer woke up to water spraying out of their lawn. They called the city and learned that the issue was with their main water service line. Read more…

Smedley Plumber fixing a toilet repair

Water backing up from a floor drain typically indicates a blockage in the drain line rather than the floor drain itself. The floor drain is usually the lowest fixture in most homes. Even if a property lacks a floor drain, water will still back up from the lowest fixture. This might include a bathtub, sink, or Read more…

flooded basement

A sump pump is a submersible device placed in a sump pit, generally in the basement or crawl space. This small but critical improvement to your home helps to keep your basement from flooding Read more…

When you turn on the faucet, flush the toilet, or take a shower, you probably don’t think about where all of your homes plumbing is connected. The drains and pipes in your home connect to the main sewage line located outside of your home Read more…

Colder weather affects a home’s entire plumbing system, which can cause stress on your water heating system, during the winter. When exposed to lower temperatures, your system is put under strain because it must work harder and longer to provide hot water for your home Read more…

A wrench tightening a water heater connection

Your home’s water pipes are your plumbing systems veins. Taking steps to extend the life of your pipes is the most effective approach to ensure the entire system operates more efficiently and lasts longer Read more…

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Plumbing Services

water heater repair and installation

We stock components for top brands and models, a line of new water heaters including gas and electric tanks, gas tankless units, and hybrid electric heat pump units.

sump pump installation | sump pump maintenance | sump pump repair

Water pumps serve a variety of purposes. Smedley Plumbing is ready to help install, maintain, or repair just about any pump which handles water in or around your home.

clogged drains smedley plumbing service

Smedley Plumbing is your premier choice for all drain services. Our team of professional plumbers is ready to clean and clear your home drains so they always work how you expect.

faucets toilets smedley plumbing

Faucet replacement, repair, or installation requires more than someone might initially expect. Knowledge of building codes, and tools are crucial to successfully installation.

gas pipes smedley plumbing

Gas Pipes

If you’re installing a new appliance, such as a water heater, and you need a gas line to feed it, our team can help you. We install gas lines in all areas—including kitchens, fireplaces, and more.

leaking water pipe smedley plumbing

Leaking Pipes

At Smedley Plumbing, we offer a complete set of solutions for leak detection. Our plumbers will come to your home, find the leak, and quickly execute a solution.