Minor Leaks Leads To Major Damge

The Sneaky Damage: How Minor Leaks Wreak Havoc on Kansas City Properties

In Kansas City, owning a property is a significant investment. And like every investment, you need to protect it. One silent threat that often goes unnoticed? Minor leaks. While the word “minor” may sound harmless, …

Toilet Repair in Kansas City

Toilet Repair in Kansas City: Why Call Smedley Is Your Top Choice

Kansas City is bustling. Every day, homes and businesses rely on their toilets to work right. So when problems happen, it’s a big deal.   That’s where Call Smedley steps in. As the top Toilet …

Smedley Plumbing Serving Lee's Summit Parks

Plumbers Lee’s Summit: Expert Help for Homes & Shops

Do you have water problems at your house or shop? At Call Smedley, we specialize in fixing these problems. Whether it’s a simple leak or a bigger issue, our team in Lee’s Summit is here …

Water Heater Troubleshooting Guide

Water Heater Troubleshooting Guide

Welcome, Kansas City residents! Facing issues with your water heater? You’ve landed on the right page. This guide is designed to provide essential information on water heater problems and solutions.   Kansas City’s unique climate …

sewer smell job smedley plumbing

How To Use the Smoke Test to Find a Sewer Smell

It’s never a fun time to have a sewer smell in your home or business. Sewer smells, especially a rotten egg smell in your home, can signify a drain line issue that is causing a sewer gas leak in your sewer system.

does root killer really work

Does Root Killer Work?

Hey everybody, Mitch with Smedley Plumbing here, and today’s question of the month in our little video series here is going to be, does root killer work?

main water service line repairs

How to Fix a Leak in a Sewer Line

Imagine this scenario as a homeowner: you wake up to water spraying out of your lawn, or you see massive puddles of brown water. What do you do? CALL SMEDLEY!

Why is My Floor Drain Backing Up?

Why is My Floor Drain Backing Up?

Water backing up from a floor drain typically indicates a blockage or clog in the drain line rather than the floor drain itself. When there is a blockage in the main sewer line drain and water is routed down a drain from an overhead fixture, the water will back up until it finds another way out.

flooded basement

What is the Purpose of a Sump Pump?

There’s nothing worse than basement waterproofing failing as you wade through ankle-deep water at the foot of your basement steps, reminding you of the importance of your home’s sump pump.

Man Fixing Drain

What Causes a Main Sewer Line To Clog?

When you turn on the faucet, flush the toilet, or take a shower, you probably don’t think about where all of your home’s plumbing is connected. The drain lines and pipes in your home connect to the main sewer pipes outside your home.

Can Cold Weather Affect Your Hot Water Heater?

Can Cold Weather Affect Your Hot Water Heater?

Colder weather affects a home’s entire plumbing system, which can cause stress on your water heating system during the winter. When exposed to lower temperatures, your system is put under strain because it must work harder and longer to provide hot water for your home.

How To Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

How To Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

Your home’s water pipes are your plumbing system’s veins. Taking steps to extend the life of your pipes is the most effective approach to ensure the entire system operates more efficiently and lasts longer.