Sump Pump Maintenance, Kansas City, MO

Sump Pump Services

You’re sick of having water leak into your basement. You want to convert your basement into a more livable space. That is why you want to install a sump pump. When you start to improve your basement, basement waterproofing is in the top things to get accomplished.

It is imperative to have a functioning sump pump in place to aid in preventing your basement flooding and ruining all of your hard work with water damage from heavy rains or a septic backup.

Smedley Plumbing is the Blue Springs sump pump company of choice, and we are proud to serve this beautiful part of Missouri, as well as Lee’s Summit, Independence, and surrounding areas. That makes up our current service area.

Sump Pump Maintenance

The local pros at Smedley know what it takes to keep your sump pump running in top form. Our sump pump maintenance, performed by a 10,000 hour or more plumber, helps to give you peace of mind that your home improvement project is protected or that you help prevent foundation repair by diverting water away from your home in the case of heavy rains.

Sump Pump Repair Services

In the event that your sump pump is starting to fail, you should call a plumbing service, as this part of your home is critical if there’s inclement weather or a water leak from a busted pipe or faucet. Keeping this part of your home’s plumbing system working is vital in preventing the need for emergency service.

Sump Pump Installation

Whether you have a failed sump pump or are ready to schedule a new sump pump installation, call the plumbing company with the 10,000 hour guarantee with local pros who treat your family at a fair price. We’re upfront with our customers about their options and what they could do versus what they need to do – always being the service professionals you’ve come to expect from Smedley Plumbing.