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You’re sick of having water leak into your basement. You want to convert your basement into a more livable space. That is why you want to install a sump pump.

What Exactly Is a Sump Pump, and How Does It Work?

You may have some concerns about what a sump pump is and how it works before installing one in your house. That’s fair enough in our opinion, given there are numerous misunderstandings about when sump pumps are needed, what their role is, and whether or not they’re even a good idea to have installed. We’re here to clear up any confusion and assist you in making the right option when it comes to waterproofing and safeguarding your basement from floods.

Simply explained, sump pumps are pumps that are installed in the lowest portion of your basement or crawl space and function to drain water that has accumulated in its sump basin, or pit. This pit is excavated during construction, and because it is at a low place, water flows to it via drains or dirt. Once the sump basin is full, the water is pushed out and away from your home’s basement.

Is a Sump Pump Necessary in My Home?

Now that you understand how a sump pump works and what it is used for, you may be wondering if your home requires one. Sump pumps, it is true, may prevent floods and move excess moisture away from your home and basement. However, a sump pump is not required in every home. The location of your home determines whether or not you need a sump pump. The greater the risk of floods and the consequences of heavy rain in your area, the more probable your property should have a sump pump pit drainage system.

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Sump pumps are recommended in the following situations:

  • Your house is in a low-lying position, such as at the foot of a slope or hill, and your basement is prone to flooding or has already flooded.
  • You live in a region that receives a lot of rain and snowfall.
  • You keep valuables in your basement that might be ruined by water or mold.

Symptoms of a Sump Pump Failure

1. You’ve seen water gathering around your house’s façade.
2. Your basement has previously been damp or flooded.
3. Mildew or mold are forming in your crawlspace or basement.
4. Storms are prevalent in your area (Missouri).
5. You’ve got an ancient sump pump.
6. Your sump pump is no longer operational (making strange noises, is constantly running, is rusty).
7. You recently completed your basement.
8. You want to safeguard your house and possessions.

Sump pumps can assist in lowering basement humidity levels.
Groundwater isn’t the only thing that might cause harm in a basement. Humidity is also a valid problem. If not handled appropriately, it can cause musty odors, mold development, and the damage of wood and electrical items.

Fortunately, there is a technique to eliminate dampness in your basement, and it includes the use of a sump pump, at least in part. The solution is to additionally install a dehumidifier and then filter it into the sump basin. The sump pump will then do its thing, pushing away water as levels rise too high.

Sump pumps save basements from flooding.

Unless you live in a dry environment (such as the desert), your house is susceptible to floods. In a short period of time, heavy rain may deliver significant volumes of moisture to your basement. This moisture may put a lot of strain on the exterior of your basement wall, causing fractures and seeping into the basement itself.

This is when sump pumps come in handy. Sump pumps detect excessive water levels and expel part of it so that it does not cause damage to the house. Sump pumps, in a nutshell, prevent floods.

Is it necessary to have a sump pump in order to waterproof a basement?

You’re certain that you want to waterproof your basement. You want to put down carpet, plug in a TV, and buy furnishings to make it a livable area. As a result, you are aware that your basement will require waterproofing.

The issue you have is whether a sump pump is necessary for basement waterproofing. Is it absolutely necessary? While it is possible to live without a sump pump, you will find it tough.

Why? Because foundation fractures would appear on a regular basis (all of which would need to be fixed). After all, there is no sump pump to reduce pressure from the exterior of the basement walls, therefore cracking is unavoidable.

So, if you’re going to waterproof your basement, installing a sump pump should be at the top of your priority list. Your basement will be subject to floods, mold development, musty odors, and foundation fractures until a sump pump is installed.

But, before you begin, you’d like to know how much it costs to install a sump pump.

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How Much Does a Sump Pump Installation Cost?

The cost of installing a sump pump might vary depending on a variety of factors. These considerations include the business you hire to install the sump pump, the type of sump pump you select, and the location in which you live. Having said that, average-price data is accessible.

A sump pump alone costs roughly $250 on average. However, prices might range from $150 to $400, and in some cases, much more.

A professional waterproof professional will charge an additional $100 to $200 to install a sump pump, increasing your total cost to $350 to $450. However, if you’ve never used a sump pump before, you may need to have a sump pit excavated. This might result in a cost increase of $750 to $1,000.

So, while they may be a little pricey to install, they might end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. After all, a flooded basement is almost certain to destroy many of your valuable items. The expense of replacing these items will almost definitely exceed the cost of installing a sump pump.

In a nutshell, it is dependent on your circumstances. It might be as cheap as $150 or as expensive as $1,500.

Sump pumps help to keep foundation cracks at bay.

As previously stated, when water seeps into the ground around a house, it exerts pressure against the basement wall. In other words, it puts strain on the foundation of the house. This can (and nearly usually does) result in cracking over time.

However, because sump pumps remove excess water from the exteriors of foundations, they relieve a significant amount of strain on such foundations. As a result, Over time, there will be less foundation cracking.

Sump pumps eventually save you money by lowering the amount of foundation cracks that need to be repaired. These savings might add up over time to be very large.

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Questions & Answers About Sump Pumps

Do you still have questions regarding sump pump installation? Our foundation repair experts have answered each of the questions below to assist you select the best waterproofing option for your basement or crawl space.

Who Should You Contact If You Need a Sump Pump Installed?

You’re probably thinking about adding a sump pump. But who can help you with the installation? Who should you contact to get your sump pump installed?

A basement waterproofing firm is the solution. These firms offer a variety of basement waterproofing services, including sump pump installation.

They can assist you not only with the installation of a sump pump, but also with a number of additional basement waterproofing services. These services range from foundation crack repair to drain tile installation and everything in between.

Do the Advantages of a Sump Pump Outweigh the Cost?

Now that you know how much it costs to install a sump pump, you may be asking if the advantages outweigh the costs. The answer is most likely yes.

Do you recommend updating sump pumps?

Certainly. Sump pumps do have a limited lifespan, often lasting 5 years. Many people have units that are as old as their house, which might be many decades old. You do not want to rely on a cheap, outdated equipment to secure your home’s water supply. Since sump pumps were first installed in houses, there have been advancements in technology, dependability, and overall power. Foundation 1 can assist you with a new sump pump installation or a sump pump replacement.

Is there a warranty on your sump pumps?

Yes! The sump pumps we install are all covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee. If you’re concerned about the expense of replacing an old sump pump, a warranty can provide you with piece of mind.

Do you have any sump pump devices with battery backup?

Yes. Review the bid requirements with your evaluator, but virtually all of the systems we install have a battery backup. We recommend this since power interruptions are prevalent when there is a lot of rain—exactly when you need your sump pump to function!

My house is older and does not have a sump pump. Should I get one?

Yes, most certainly. Sump pumps are now required in new house construction, and we feel there is a strong reason for this. Because we have a lot of rain in Kansas City, a sump pump and sump pit should be installed if you don’t already have one.

I’m looking to buy a new home with a sump pump, but is a sump pump a bad sign?

If you’re purchasing a new property and see that the previous owners installed a sump pump, you might question if it’s a warning sign. Sump pumps that have previously been installed aren’t necessarily a bad omen. Your home will be affected by regional weather regardless of where it is built. A previously installed sump pump is merely evidence that the prior owner took proactive precautions to prevent flood damage to their foundation and property.

Is there any recent technological progress with sump pumps?

There are some. Our manufacturer just launched a Wi-Fi device that allows you to monitor the pump’s operation and receive alerts to your phone if there is a problem. This is an excellent approach to leverage technology to guarantee that your system is well-maintained and ready to go.

Other than power disruptions, is there a benefit to having a backup pump / battery backup?

There are, indeed. We build twin pump systems that activate the backup system if the water flow exceeds what the primary unit can manage. When the backup system comes in, you will have two units operating to keep up with the amount of water that has to be carried away from your property.

My sump pump appears to be operating all the time. Is this typical?

No, not at all. We recommend that you have us come out and inspect the unit. Simple sump pump repairs may be required to get your existing system working again. Alternatively, the fact that it runs continuously may indicate that you should consider updating or replacing your present unit. The importance of a properly working sump pump cannot be overstated. Do not wait until you have a flooded basement to discover you have a problem!

What if I already have standing water in my basement?

Sump pumps are more than simply a preventative measure. Sump pumps may be an excellent method for eliminating water if you currently have water in your basement. Because sump pumps are inside drainage systems, they do not necessitate the same degree of upheaval and landscape damage as other outer techniques. A sump pump efficiently collects and channels water away from your property. Installing a basement sump pump or a crawl space sump pump is most likely the solution to your flooding and water problems. We can also assist you in dealing with basement flood-related issues, such as cracks in your basement floor or foundation walls.

What distinguishes Smedley Sump Pumps?

Our whole primary sump pump line is designed to operate continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They are a commercial grade pump that can only be purchased and installed by trained professionals. When used in intermittent applications, these pumps come with 12-year, 3-year, and 5-year guarantees. When utilized in continuous duty applications such as fountains or ponds, a one-year guarantee is provided.

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