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What Makes Our Team of Plumbing Professionals Different?

I’m Mitch Smedley and I’ve spent the last 20 years mastering the plumbing trade. As a Master Licensed plumber I was surprised to learn how many companies are charging astronomical rates only to send you a minimally trained apprentice to your home. This young plumber has received more sales training than plumbing training. Plumbing takes years to master and you can’t rush perfection.

As a customer, you deserve a plumber with a mastery-level of experience, not just a few weeks of training. So I started Smedley Plumbing. We are the only plumbing company in the nation with a 10,000 hour guarantee. This means that when you call a Smedley plumber to your home you’ll get a plumber with a minimum of 10,000 hours of experience, no high-pressure sales pitch, and accurate diagnosis and the highest quality repair. At Smedley, we are all one big family. That includes our customers too!

See you soon!
Mitch Smedley
Master Plumber



100% Satisfaction

Our Vision

At Smedley Plumbing, we care about our clients and want them to regain the comfort of their homes. Not only do we provide our clients with the highest level of services, but we also give them peace of mind that our team is reliable. Our plumbers are always on time to scheduled appointments and are ready to help you solve your plumbing issues in one visit. If you contact our team of plumbing professionals, you can rest assured that your plumbing issues will be solved right the first time. We do all of our work with courtesy, competence, cleanliness, and character. At Smedley plumbing, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you’re unsatisfied, for any reason, we will return at no charge and do whatever it takes to make you happy.